Best Conditions for Growing Orchids

Learning about proper orchid care can be somewhat difficult if you are not receiving the right information. Having the right knowledge is critical if you want to have orchids that will bloom and flower for years to come. It is essential to know the right information from the wrong info to apply correct orchid care techniques to your flowers. I am going to go over an orchid care tip that often gets overlooked and one that you may not know about if you haven’t been taught correctly. Enjoy this article and growing your orchid plants.

The Correct Habitat for Your Orchids
As you know the natural habitat for many orchids is in hot and humid weather found mainly in the rain forests and lower parts of the Himalayas. This means that if you live in a temperate climate, you are going to need to provide your orchid with the right conditions for your plants to thrive and to maximize its flowering potential. It’s much easier during the summer months to properly care for orchids because you can always place your flowers outside and it should be adequate to keep your orchids healthy.

But what do you do during the colder months? Do you let your orchid die or do you create the perfect orchid environment? Well, obviously if you want to keep your orchids flowering then you are going to have to simulate the orchid’s natural environment for maximum growth. As long as you have a window or a windowsill, you will be able to grow beautiful orchids all year long. Orchids are very sensitive to sunlight and usually prefer indirect sunlight or sunlight that has been filtered such as behind a curtain or a similar object.

Humidity is a key ingredient for orchid care and beautiful flowers. As we discussed before orchids are naturally found in very hot and humid places, and you will need to supply them with plenty of humidity. Orchids will need at least 60% humidity for them to thrive properly. I prefer to have the humidity level higher just to make sure they get enough because they love the humid air. So how do you add humidity during the cold, dry months? The easiest, but most expensive way is purchasing a humidifier for your plants. If you do not want to spend any money, then there is a very simple way to add humidity to the air. Get a tray of some sort and place some gravel or stone inside of the tray. Fill the tray up with water making sure the water does not get over the gravel or stones. Place your plants on top of this tray and as long as the water is not touching your plants, you can leave it here. This will add humidity to the air easily and effectively.

As you can see with this simple orchid care tip, you can easily have orchids that will thrive for many years to come. So go ahead right now and start growing beautiful orchids during any season and any month of the year right now.



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