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Colcot pupils learn to grow

Colcot pupils learn to grow
The school was also lucky to have a visit from Mrs Huggins (Beautiful Lily, High Street, Barry) who spoke to us and brought in a variety of exotic flowers, including Protea, Anthurium and Orchids. Pupils learnt where in the world they are grown and why.
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US Agriculture Secretary Makes Visit to AGRIscapes Facility
The secretary received a tour of the greenhouses at AGRIscapes, observing the orchids and lettuce that are grown there. He also heard presentations from faculty about USDA-funded research into fighting the citrus psyllid, an insect that has decimated …
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TransAKT Announces New Partnership
Taiwan Flora now operates potted plant nurseries, specialized in growing potted orchids, in Taiwan, China, Thailand, and Vietnam and culture labs in Taiwan and China. In 2011 Taiwan Flora built new greenhouses occupying over 4.6 hectares at "Taiwan …
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Rebecca Kartin Levin Named Vice President at Martin Kartin and Company

NY, NY (PRWEB) October 21, 2013

Martin Kartin and Company announced today that Rebecca Kartin Levin has been named Vice President, Retail and Digital Business Development. Levin joined the firm sixteen months ago and swiftly completed multiple searches for the firm. Notable searches included a Research and Development position for clinical skin care brand, Peter Thomas Roth Labs and a Retail Management position for luxury brand LVMH. In Levins new role she will be tasked at growing the firms retail, digital, brick and mortar search practice while also playing a pivotal role on all firm search assignments at all levels of management. Martin Kartin, firm Founder and President, said, Rebeccas success is in large part due to her continuing the tradition of our firm which is intense scrutiny of candidates, penetrating interviews and meticulous, insightful reference checking. Our firm has a reputation for efficiency and always completing each assignment. Rebecca has excelled in delivering on that promise.

Rebecca joined the firm after a successful career as a Cosmetics & Fragrance Buyer in both retail and e-commerce. Having worked as an insider at retailers such as Bergdorf Goodman, Saks Fifth Avenue and Rebecca has the optimal mindset to identify the talent needs for department stores, specialty stores, independent retailers and e-commerce businesses. Additionally, Rebecca intimately understands the new generation of millennial talent and knows how to match their specific dynamic skill set with todays newly defined roles and organizations.

Rebecca holds a BA from Yeshiva University.

About Martin Kartin and Company

Martin Kartin and Company is a boutique executive search practice specializing in Cosmetics/Fragrances, Luxury Goods, Fashion, Retail/E-commerce, and Consumer Products. The practice conducts searches in all functional areas within their specialty categories and offers a bespoke approach to every assignment, whether it is at the General Manager level, the Retail Manager level or any level in between. The firm is known for being a small intimate family practice where service, efficiency and loyalty to the task permeate every search. Martin Kartin and Rebecca Kartin Levin personally conduct every search from start to finish. They are defined by their long-term client relationships, their rigorous interviewing, their nimble and efficient start to finish process, and by their unmatched skill and thoroughness in reference checking.


For more information about Martin Kartin and Company or to arrange an interview contact: Carla Tanz at Purple Orchid Consulting, 646.301.1363 or carla(at)purpleorchidconsulting(dot)com.

Amit Shah calls for a BJP-Yukt Uttar Pradesh

Amit Shah calls for a BJP-Yukt Uttar Pradesh
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Whitney L Ward, 9:57 am EDT August 18, 2014
Highlights of the updated 3.5-acre garden include flamingos, gators, ducks, turtles, tortoises, butterfly house, orchids, bromeliad garden, large stagorn ferns and old growth trees. Art gallery and gift shop at entrance. Abundant parking. Regular …
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Pharma Contract Manufacturing: World Market Outlook 2013-2023

London (PRWEB) November 12, 2013

Report Details

Contracted drug production – discover trends and segments with highest revenue potential

Where’s outsourced pharma manufacturing heading? Visiongain’s updated report predicts that industry’s revenues from 2013. There you find potentials for sales growth, also understanding trends, technologies for drugs, clients’ needs, and opportunities.

That study gives you revenue forecasts to 2023 at overall world market, submarket, and national level. Avoid falling behind, then. Instead see what’s happening for those medical contracting services – outsourcing and off-shoring – finding how you can gain.

Read on to scan that industry and see what its future market could be worth.

Forecasts from 2013-2023 and other analyses show you the commercial prospects

Besides revenue forecasting to 2023, our new study shows you historical data, growth rates, and market shares. Hear, too, about developments in technology and service offerings. You also get 82 tables, 61 charts, and three interviews with leaders in companies.

Gains through understanding those outsourcing services – advantages for your work.

Data searches can be hard work – all that looking. But now you can stay ahead in knowledge for contracted drug making, benefiting your research, analysis, and decisions. Finding information you need for producing medicines just got quicker and easier.

Use our predictions to help expand your business and give you more influence. You get the forecasting leaders need. So avoid falling behind, instead trying our new report now.

There you hear what’s happening in the industry for contract manufacturing organisations (CMOs). You also see where needs and money exist, to 2023, finding the potential gains.

The following sections show how you benefit from that new investigation.

Forecasts from 2013 for the world market and submarkets for outsourced drug producing

What are the secrets of that industry’s progress? Discover expected trends there. Along with prediction of the overall world market for out-contracting drug production, our report shows you revenue forecasting of 11 submarkets to 2023 at world level:

Active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), with sub forecasts for generic APIs, high potency active pharma ingredients (HPAPIs), and related products

Finished dosage formulations (FDFs), with sub forecasts for solid dose forms, injectable dosages, and other agents

Other applications of outsourced production – other services

Clinical manufacturing

Commercial manufacturing.

Those analyses and discussions show you commercial potentials for manufacturing service providers and their technologies. Discover those money-gaining prospects.

You find geographical revenue predictions too.

National and regional markets – what outlooks for demand, service provision, and sales?

In developed and developing countries, opportunities for pharmaceutical CMOs will occur, often with rising potential. You see where and how.

Our analyses give individual revenue forecasts to 2023 for 12 national markets:

United States (US)


EU leaders – Germany, France, the UK, Italy, and Spain (EU5), with an EU forecast

BRIC countries – Brazil, Russia, India, and China

South Korea.

There you hear about progress and outlooks. You find opportunity. Assess that medical production sector’s future – hear about developments and find their significance.

See there what’s likely to happen. Our work explains, exploring issues.

Developments, challenges, and opportunities affecting CMOs and clients

The report shows you activities and events affecting that industry and market from 2013, including these:

Trends for investing in biopharma manufacturing

Demands for formulation developing services

Potential for microreactors in drug making

EU regulations and API production

Backwards integration for generics manufacturers

US generic drug user fee act and API producing.

Our analysis discusses other aspects of the technologies and services too, including these:

Investment in HPAPI manufacturing facilities

Demand for softgel formulations and the shift to continuous manufacturing

Complex-molecule production, esp. biologics (inc. biosimilars) and orphan drugs

Development of antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs)

Lyophilisation, other drying technology, and aseptic filling

Technologies to stimulate market expansion.

There you explore political, economic, social, and technological questions, assessing outlooks for business. Examine what forces stimulate and what restrain that industry.

You also see regulatory developments. You discover, then, what that industry’s present and future hold, exploring issues for clients and service providers.

Companies and overall 2017 market value – how high can revenues go?

What’s possible for that industry? Our analysis predicts the world market for contract pharma manufacturing will reach $ 69.7bn in 2017. It will rise from $ 51.7bn in 2012, with growth to 2023.

Our study explains what service needs, pharma technologies, and outsourcing providers hold greatest commercial potential.

In particular, you explore activities of these companies:

Catalent Pharma Solutions


Evonik Degussa

Royal DSM

Teva API.

You also find discussions of these firms, among other players:


Boehringer BioXcellence



Vetter Pharma.

There you analyse participants’ financial results, market shares, activities, and outlooks. You find 150 organisations mentioned. You also read three interviews with companies.

Discover what authorities there do, say, and think, helping you stay ahead.

Research and analysis on the CMO industry and market – data found nowhere else

In particular, then, our new investigation gives you these advantages:

Revenues to 2023 for outsourced medicine production at world level, with forecasting of 11 submarkets – explore prospects for sales and investments

Forecasts to 2023 for 12 national markets in the Americas, Europe, and Asia – investigate developed and developing countries for revenue potentials

Outlooks for established and rising CMOs – assess market shares, portfolios, results, capabilities, clients, and prospects.

Pharma Contract Manufacturing: World Market Outlook 2013-2023 provides independent analysis. There you receive business intelligence found only in our work, finding where money lies.

Gain recognition, too, for insight. With that report you’re less likely to fall behind in knowledge or miss opportunity. See there how you could benefit your research, analysis, and decisions, also saving time.

1. Executive Summary

1.1 Pharma Contract Manufacturing: World Market Overview 2013

1.2 Report Contents

1.3 Research and Analysis Methods

1.4 An Introduction to Pharma Contract Manufacturing

1.4.1 Why Outsource in the Pharma Industry?

1.4.2 Services Offered by CMOs

1.4.3 Tactical and Strategic Manufacturing Outsourcing

1.4.4 Trends in Contract Manufacturing 2013-2023

2. The Pharma Contract Manufacturing Market: Outlook and Forecast 2013-2023

2.1 The Pharma Contract Manufacturing: Market Performance 2010-2012

2.1.1 Contract Manufacturing Is the Most Mature Pharma Outsourcing Sector

2.1.2 The Pharma Contract Manufacturing Mar

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Groom viburnum to pilfer pungency
A: Some orchids never see traditional containers but hang with bare roots in baskets. These normally need extra attention to waterings and feedings so most are grown in barks or a similar medium. When orchids overflow containers with roots or the …
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GMO ban, research at odds?
Michael Shintaku, a plant pathologist at the University of Hawaii at Hilo, said he is continuing his research on creating lettuce resistant to the tomato spotted wilt virus but is unsure of whether he can get it approved with the current restrictions …
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How I made a garden for all seasons
I am a nester: someone who lays down deep roots and puts their heart and soul into gardening and homemaking. Little did I think I'd ever move from our home of 30 years but, when your family grows up and moves away, when career paths change and …

BAASS Business Solutions Inc. Celebrates a Successful BAASS Connect 2013 Conference in Edmonton

Edmonton, Alberta (PRWEB) November 01, 2013

BAASS Business Solutions Inc. (BAASS), a distinguished North American Sage ERP partner, celebrated the success of its 16th annual conference called BAASS Connect (formerly Accpac Live) on October 24th, 2013 in Edmonton.

After operating under the Accpac Live name for 15 years, BAASS has rebranded the conference as BAASS Connect to reflect the need to create a more connected business environment. The rebrand highlights the opportunity attendees had to connect with fellow software users, product experts, support analysts, and product leadersall under one roof. The new conference location, the Holiday Inn Conference Centre in Edmonton, served as the ideal setting for establishing new and lasting business relationships benefiting all parties.

The conference featured speakers who engaged attendees on a variety of topics including Human Resource Management Systems (HRMS) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM). The professional team at BAASS showcased how businesses can manage their internal relationships using HRMS while managing their external relationships using CRM.

This years award winners included Manus Abrasive Systems in the category of Growing with Sage and Merit Contractors Association in the category of CRM Excellence. Manus Abrasive Systems, Canadas largest supplier of abrasive blast equipment with over 20 active ERP users, streamlined their sales and marketing processes with Sage CRM, which they fully integrated with AutoSimply Manufacturing and Orchids Process Scheduling. Merit Contractors Association, a provider of Health and Safety training related courses for the Construction industry, was awarded the CRM Excellence award for fully adopting Sage CRM across the organization and utilizing it as the hub of their business. By integrating Sage CRM with their online ecommerce platform and Sage 300 ERP software, Merit has adopted CRM as a comprehensive business strategy.

Throughout the past year, weve had the opportunity to meet and engage with a number of prestigious companies and customers,” said Joseph Arnone, President of BAASS. “Were extending this token of appreciation to commemorate outstanding achievement and creativity in the use of software as a tool toward greater efficiency and effectiveness in the use of available resources.

During the conference, more third party exhibitors were given a chance to showcase their solutions. This years conference exhibitors included BI Metrix, Iciniti, Industrios Software Inc., Manusonic, North 49, Rob Lavery & Associates, and XM Developments.

The Edmonton Conference marks the first of four conferences spanning the country. Please join us next in London, Burlington, and Toronto, Ontario on November 12th, 13th, and 14th respectively to partake in the largest Sage partner Conference in North America. Stay connected by following us on Twitter for the latest updates on #BAASSConnect_2013.


About BAASS Business Solutions Inc.

Established in 1988 and this year celebrating its 25th year in business, BAASS has been successfully assisting small and medium sized businesses improve their business processes, increase productivity and efficiency, and become more profitable. Our dedicated team of professionals have earned a reputation for their expertise, professionalism, and integrity serving clients throughout North America, Latin America, and the Caribbean. BAASS has been recognized within the industry on numerous occasions for excellence in customer service and has earned top 1% position in net promoter score. However the real proof is what our many satisfied clients have to say about us. As a full-service technology consulting firm, we can offer, implement, and support end-to-end solutions that work for our clients now, and in the long term. Our comprehensive range of services includes needs assessment, management consulting, system design and configuration, software training, and technical support in accounting, ERP, CRM, HRIS, e-business, business intelligence, and custom solutions.

Long Beach garden filled with botanical jewels

Long Beach garden filled with botanical jewels
"You don't see them anymore, but this is perfect for the orchids. This end is shady, so they get indirect sunlight. They love it out here. Orchids are easy to grow if you leave them alone and don't try to over-pamper them. Just let them dry out a bit …

IT'S A CORKER: Handmade tree will highlight orchids
New bark grows back on the donor tree after what's being sold is stripped off, becoming flooring, those little plugs that keep your wine from spilling out of your bottle and, of course, fake trees from which to display orchids. Having been pitched the …
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Gardens: natural born killers – carnivorous plants
In a corridor at RHS Wisley, away from the cascades of orchids belonging to the Orchid Society spring show, members of the Carnivorous Plant Society watch over tables of monstrously diverse life forms known as CP. Here, the Liberty print of the orchid …
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Orchid care, Masdevallia Purple Orchid How to grow orchids outdoors

Orchid care, Masdevllia Raymondo Delos Andes “Lavender Ripple” Orchid is a Uniflora x macrura” Orchid require cool, humid conditions. Morning and late evenin…

This is an Oncidium Orchid display in my hallway right now, it changes all of the time depending what is in bloom. I really should fix up the pots better and…