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Pharma Leader Series: Top 50 Generic Drug Manufacturers 2013-2023

London (PRWEB) September 24, 2013

Report Details

Generics companies – assess products, developments, and revenue prospects

What does the future hold for makers of generic drugs? Visiongain’s updated report shows you their prospects to 2023. There you see results, trends, opportunities, and revenue predictions.

Our study analyses 50 leading generics producers and marketers. There you find information on established and rising companies. Discover their sales potentials.

Forecasts and other data to help you stay ahead

In our new study you find analytical profiles of top companies worldwide. There you analyse historical data, market shares, revenue forecasts, and growth rates. Discover qualitative analysis too. You also gain 63 charts and 96 tables.

Our work lets you assess the most lucrative parts of the world industry for generic drugs. See now how you can benefit your research, analyses, and decisions there, also saving time.

The following sections highlight what you find in our new investigation.

Assessments of top companies – activities, results, competition, and potential sales

Our report analyses 50 manufacturers of generic medicines. In general a company profile gives you the following information:

Discussion of a company’s activities, outlook, and recent financial results

Assessment of its developments – mergers and acquisitions (M&A), new products, and collaborations, inc. alliances, partnerships and joint ventures

Forecasting of generic drug revenues to 2023 (for 20 of the companies).

Discover capabilities, progress, and commercial prospects, helping you stay ahead.

Now see companies you investigate there, grouped by type and geographical region.

Big pharma – generics production by the pharma industry’s largest companies

First, our study gives you discussions, financial analyses, and commercial outlooks for five generic drug producers among the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies:

Teva Pharmaceutical Industries

Novartis (Sandoz)

Abbott Laboratories



You see possibilities there for raising business performance. Discover what the future holds for those companies, then, including revenue predictions to 2023.

North America – outlooks for leading generic drug manufacturers

Next, our report analyses 12 North American generics specialists, including these:




Par Pharmaceutical




There you find where sales growth can occur. Many opportunities remain, with high, expanding revenues possible from 2013. See where best potentials exist.

Europe – prospects for leading generics players

You also discover outlooks for 11 European generics specialists, including these:

Fresenius Kabi


Stada Arzneimittel

Gedeon Richter


Our report shows you how companies can seize opportunities and expand their businesses.

India – analysis of leading generic drug firms

Our new work also assesses 10 Indian generic drug producers, including these:

Ranbaxy Laboratories


Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories




Sun Pharmaceutical Industries.

How much sales growth and geographical expansion can Indian pharma achieve? You find revenue data, trends, and opportunities there, seeing what the present and future hold.

Producers from the rest of the world – assess progress and prospects

You also discover outlooks for 12 generic drug makers based in other regions, including these companies:

Aspen Pharmacare

Laboratorios Roemmers


Sawai Pharmaceuticals

Taro Pharmaceutical Industries

Adcock Ingram


Developing markets such as Japan, Brazil and China will prove important for generic drug sales from 2013 to 2023, our analyses show.

Issues affecting generic drug manufacturing and selling

In addition, our report discusses issues and events affecting that industry and market from 2013, including these:

Specialty generics – difficult-to-produce medicines with high profit margins

Super-generics – shift towards innovation, with expanding R&D budgets

Mergers and acquisitions influencing that part of healthcare

Big pharma firms targeting generics – diversification of portfolios

Expansion internationally – targeting emerging national markets

Intellectual property (IP) – regulation and opportunity

Biosimilars – opportunities for generic and originator companies.

There you explore the generic drug industry’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. In particular, the merger of Actavis and Watson forms a notable event. Discover now what the future holds.

Ways Pharma Leader Series: Top 50 Generic Drug Manufacturers 2013-2023 helps you

In summary, then, our new research and analysis give you the following knowledge:

Profiles of 50 leading companies – assess product ranges, strategies, and sales results, also gaining revenue forecasts to 2023 for 20 organisations

Competition and opportunities – see what affects the generics market, learning what shapes its future, esp. prospects for sustaining and developing business

Analysis of what stimulates and restrains the generic medicines industry – discover challenges and strengths, helping you compete and gain advantages

Issues affecting established competitors and firms entering the generics sector – explore needs, practices, and outlooks for future success.

Information found nowhere else

That work gives independent analysis. You receive business intelligence found only in our report, seeing where prospects are most rewarding.

With our new survey you are less likely to fall behind in knowledge or miss opportunity. See there how you could benefit your research, analyses, and decisions. Also see how you can save time and get recognition for commercial insight.

Predictions for generic drug production and sales – gain by ordering now

Our new analysis shows you data, trends, opportunities, and outlooks for producers and sellers of generic drugs. Avoid missing out – please order our report now.

Visiongain is a trading partner with the US Federal Government

CCR Ref number: KD4R6

Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary

1.1 Overview of Findings

1.2 Chapter Breakdown

1.3 Research and Analysis Methods

2. The Top 50 Generic Drug Manufacturers: Overview, 2013

2.1 Total Value of the Top 50 Generics Companies

2.2 Regional Distribution of the Top 50 Companies

2.3 Coverage in this Report

2.3.1 Issues Involved in Assessing the Top 50 Companies

2.3.2 Obtaining Data for Private Companies

2.3.3 Variable Financial Years

2.3.4 Identifying Revenues Specifically from Generics

2.3.5 Defining Generics 1: Do Biosimilars Count?

2.3.6 Defining Generics 2: ‘Super-Generics’ and APIs

2.3.7 Defining Generics 3: Rx and OTC

3. The Top Big Pharma Generic Drug Manufacturers: Overview, 2013-2023

3.1 Companies Covered in this Chapter

3.2 Why are Big Pharma Targeting Generics?

3.2.1 Is Generics Still a Dirty Word for Big Pharma?

3.2.2 Diversification or Divorce? Big Pharma Growth Strategies

3.3 Teva Phar

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Dallas Florist Dr Delphinium Partners with Tart Bakery for Dessert-of-the-Month

Dallas, TX (PRWEB) September 22, 2013

Dr Delphinium Designs and Events, a Dallas florist, orchid grower and gift shop, has expanded their longtime partnership with Tart Bakery to now offer a specialty dessert-of-the-month and increased dessert offerings. This line of bakery-made cakes, cookies, cupcakes and more are available for online ordering and delivery within the Dallas metroplex.

The growing line of Tart Bakery products is part of an initiative by Dr Delphinium to offer a wide variety of gift options to residents of Dallas and its surrounding cities. This includes curated gift baskets, wine baskets, fruit baskets, candles, spa gift certificates, and specialty items, artwork and jewelry created by Dallas artisans.

“As a florist, we recognize that we are a quality vendor of gifts for the Dallas public,” explained Charles Ingrum, owner and General Manager of Dr Delphinium. “We are always trying to improve upon our gift selection and Tart is an integral part of that. They provide a dessert option to our customers that can now be accessed online and delivered to any location within the metroplex which is the proverbial icing on the cake.”

Said Leah Molter of Tart Bakery, “The opportunity to work with Dr. Delphinium on their dessert & gift basket line was the clear choice for Tart. We have worked well together for many years and so it only made sense to expand our offerings. Tart customers expect the very best when it comes to desserts and special occasion cakes and cookies. Its important to me that we work with a company that has an equal appreciation for providing their customers only the highest quality products and services. Dr. Delphinium and Tart are an obvious fit to serve Dallas fashionable and exclusive clientele.

The Dessert-of-the-Month includes seasonal offerings like a pumpkin and buttercream cake which will be available in October. Other desserts that will be available periodically online include assorted cookies, mini bundt cakes, whoopie pies, brownies, caramel apples, moon pies, twinkies, and oatmeal cream pies.

“Im really excited to see how people respond to our new offerings,” said Meredith McCaslin, Dr Delphinium’s Gift Basket Specialist. “Weve worked hard to come up with staple and seasonal items that not only reflect customers taste but also that of the ever-evolving baked goods market. With each season come new, delicious products that I cannot wait for everyone to taste. Just ask anyone at Dr Delphinium: Tart product photo shoots/tastings make our job that much sweeter.”

Tart Bakery items are available for online ordering and local delivery now at or by calling 214.522.9911. For in-store purchase visit Tart Bakery at 5219 W. Lovers Lane #B, Dallas, Texas 75209. In-store pickup is also available at Dr Delphinium’s Dallas location at 5806 W. Lovers Lane or our Richardson/Plano location at 513 W Campbell Rd in Richardson, TX.

About Dr Delphinium Designs and Events

Serving the Dallas Metroplex for over 20 years, Dr Delphinium Designs & Events is a premier provider of fresh floral designs and gifts. Dr Delphinium offers a multitude of services including flower and plant design and delivery, wedding and event flowers and rentals, interior landscaping, corporate and residential holiday decor, gift baskets and dessert delivery. Flowers and gifts can be ordered online, and are in-stores at the Dallas location, or the Richardson/Plano location.

About Tart Bakery

A Lovers Lane staple, Tart Bakery offers a variety of treats to satisfy any sweet tooth. Made from scratch daily, Tart is know for their French pastries, cookies and cupcakes. In addition to their menu selection, Tart also offers wedding and custom designed cakes, petit fours, glazed cookies and more. Orders can be placed at the Lovers Lane location or over the phone.


Charles Ingrum, Owner & General Manager, charles(at)drdelphinium(dot)com, 214.525.9911

Katie Ritter, Marketing Manager, katie(at)drdelphinium(dot)com, 214.525.1232

Dr Delphinium: 214.522.9911 |

Preserved Art: 214.525.1270 |




Leah Molter


Global Forensic Technologies And Services Industry

London (PRWEB) September 19, 2013

This report analyzes the US market for Forensic Technologies and Services in US$ Million by the following Product Segments: Forensic Databases, Forensic Consulting and Computer Forensics, Biometrics/Fingerprinting, DNA Testing, and Others.

Annual estimates and forecasts are provided for the period 2010 through 2018. Also, a six-year historic analysis is provided for this market.

The report profiles 129 companies including many key and niche players such as ACR Data Recovery, Inc., Agilent Technologies., BAE Systems Plc, Capsicum Group, LLC, Computer Forensics, Inc., Creative Forensic Services, Cyber Agents, Inc., Forensics Consulting Solutions LLC, Global Digital Forensics, Inc., Horiba, Ltd., MorphoTrust USA, Inc., Neogen Corporation, Orchid Cellmark, Inc., Pyramidal Technologies Ltd., Thermo Fisher Scientific, Inc., and Tri-Tech Forensics, Inc.

Market data and analytics are derived from primary and secondary research. Company profiles are primarily based on public domain information including company URLs.


Study Reliability and Reporting Limitations I-1

Disclaimers I-2

Data Interpretation & Reporting Level I-2

Quantitative Techniques & Analytics I-3

Product Definitions and Scope of Study I-3



A Primer II-1

Rise in Crime Boosts the Need Factor II-1

Table 1: US Crime Statistics (2010 & 2011): Breakdown of

Number of Crimes Committed by Type (includes corresponding

Graph/Chart) II-2

Table 2: US Crime Statistics (2011): Breakdown of Number of

Crimes Committed in Select States II-3

DNA Analysis: The Ultimate Weapon in the Battle Against Crime II-3

Table 3: Market for DNA Probes-based Diagnostics in the

United States (2012): Percentage Share Breakdown of Revenues

by Application Area (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) II-4

Government Intervention to Help Perk-Up Demand II-4

Expanding Criminal DNA Database Extends a Fillip to DNA Analysis II-4

DNA Analysis Aids in Post-Conviction Testing II-4

Privacy Issues Plague DNA Forensics II-5

Rising DNA Sample Analysis Backlogs Saddle Crime Labs II-5

Federal Funds to Ease the Backlog Burden II-5

Testing Quality in Laboratories Raises Eyebrows II-6

Rise in Gun Violence Raises the Demand for Forensic Ballistics II-6

Rise in Cyber Crimes Brings to Fore the Emergence of Computer

Forensics II-6

Digital Forensics Continue to Gain Acceptance in the

Corporate Sector II-7

Challenges Continue to Bedevil Digital Forensics II-7

Mobile Forensics Garners Momentum II-8

Law Enforcement Slow in Adoption of Mobile Forensics II-9

Cloud Forensics Grow in Popularity II-9

Forensics as a Service (FaaS) to Witness Robust Growth II-10

Rise in Terrorist Bombings Sharpens the Business Case for

Explosives Forensics… II-10

All Eyes On Forensic Consulting Services II-10

Recession Provides a Thumbs-Up for Forensic Accounting Services II-11

Demand Swells for Miniaturized, Hand-Held Forensics Devices II-11

Miniaturization of DNA based Diagnostics: Still An Uphill Task II-12

Innovations in Forensic Technologies: Key to Growth II-12

Targeted Collection – The Next Generation Forensic Tool II-13

Image Enhancement Technology: A Shot in the Arm for Criminal

Investigation II-13

Fingerprint Detection on Metals Now a Possibility II-13

Universities Emerge As Forensic R&D Hubs II-14

Structure of Forensic Labs in the United States II-14

Operational Structure II-14

Spotlight on Accreditation II-15

Challenges Confronted by Forensic Labs II-15

Widespread Criticism Sweeps The Practice of Forensic Science II-15

Insufficient Funding Hampers Operations of Crime Labs II-15


Forensic Science: A Primer II-17

History II-18

Role of Automated ID Systems II-18

Types of Forensic Analysis II-18

Firearms and Weapon Marks Identification II-18

Toolmark Analysis II-19

Latent Print Analysis II-19

Questioned Document Examination (QDE) II-19

Chemical Analysis/Toxicology II-20

Trace Evidence Analysis II-20

Explosive Analysis II-20

Overview of Forensic Technologies & Services II-20

Computer Forensics II-20

Hardware Imaging Tool II-21

Authentication Software Tool II-21

Decryption Tool II-21

Disk Data Editing and Searching Tool II-21

Daily Audit Log File Tool II-22

Other Tools II-22

Process of Computer Forensics II-22

History II-22

Forensic Data Abstractions II-22

Challenges Faced by Forensic Investigators II-23

Acquisition of Evidentiary Data II-23

Cracking the Password II-23

Processing of Forensic Evidence II-23

Forensic Databases II-23

Combined DNA Index System (CODIS) II-24

The NSA Call Database II-24


Guardian Database II-25

Fusion Center II-25

Integrated Automated Fingerprint Identification System IAFIS II-25

Biometrics/Fingerprinting II-26

Fingerprinting: The Most Widely Used Biometrics Technology II-26

Automated Fingerprint Identification Systems (AFIS) II-26

How It Works? II-27

Fingerprint Imaging Technology II-27

Optical Technology II-27

Capacitive Technology II-27

Form Factor II-27

Forensic DNA Testing & Analysis II-27

DNA Profiling: A Key Forensic Tool II-28

Identity/Forensics II-28

Popular DNA Analysis Techniques: A Review II-28

Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) II-29

Miniaturization Creates a Revolution in DNA Analysis II-29

Gene Chip Technology II-29

DNA Chips II-30

Chromosome Painting Probes II-30

Other Technologies/Products II-30

Forensic Biology and Serology II-30

Forensic Analytical Instruments II-31

Immunoassays Tests II-31


Life Technologies Introduces GlobalFiler and GlobalFiler

Express DNA Kits II-32

Sorenson Forensics Introduces LEAD Database II-32

BlackBag Technologies Launches iPad, Mac OS X, and iPhone

Forensics Tool II-33

BlackBag Technologies Launches BlackLight 2012 R2 Forensics

Software II-33

Rimkus Launches Electronic Document Processing and Social

Media Discovery Services II-34

Applied DNA Sciences Unveils digitalDNA Security Tool II-34

BlackBag Technologies Launches BlackLight 2012 R1 Forensics

Analysis Tool II-35

BlackBag Technologies Launches MacQuisition 2012.R1 Forensic

Imaging Solution II-36

Sorenson Forensics Launches DNA Test for Law Enforcement II-36

First Advantage Litigation Consulting to Unveil Discovery

Explorer Solution II-36

Warnex Introduces PRO-DNA

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